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Corporate Massage


Employers are looking at more ways on how they can help employees de stress and have time for themselves.

Innovation 2 Transformation has been going into the work place with their massage bed and employees have been receiving a 15 to 20 minutes massages.

This has helped them to relax, have time out for themselves and really appreciate who they work for.

Group Training in the Workplace


Innovation 2 Transformation works with businesses to motivate employees make time for training in their lunch breaks. This creates a happier, healthier workplace environment! It’s also a great team building exercise for employees.

Linda's training is based on Crossfit training, which is the most effective training system available today.

Massage & Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy oils are extracted aromatic essences from plants which balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.


Aromatherapy can help reduce stress, fight depression, manage pain and improve blood pressure.


Organic Facials contain no preservatives, and are prefect for all skin types in preventing damage to the skin, with no side effects.


Aromatherapy Massage, 1 hour treatment

Organic Facial, 1 hour treatment

Personal Training

Linda's training is based on Crossfit training.

Crossfit is the most effective training system available today. It is built around three principles:


Functionality - Based on compounding movements such as squats, lunges, rowing and pressing exercises which work multiple muscle groups. These movements are natural ones you use every day.


Variation - The key is to constantly vary your workout, so you don't get tired of the same routine and your body doesn't get used to it.


Intensity - High intensity means simply getting the work done in faster time. We will scale the workout to each person.


Linda works at Crossfit Chatswood providing:

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Small group sessions


Linda will travel to clients upon request, if the location is suitable.

Contact Linda for a quote.

Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvination

Linda Brown is a Facial Rejuvenation expert. She is a qualified Beauty, Massage and Aromatherapist and her passion is to help people feel and look their best and improve their health. She has extensive experience which has included working on cruise ships as a beauty therapist. Linda combines her experience and passion in beauty therapy with her knowledge of Chinese medicine theory to create a unique and effec-ve facial rejuvena-on treatment. 


This treatement is offered at Ray Ford Accupuncture.

What does the treatment involve?


Intra-dermal stimulation – Two treatments per week for five weeks (totalling 10 treatments) which include the insertion of very fine needles into the skin on the face, to improve circulation and increase blood flow to specific areas to boost the supply of oxygen. Your treatment will include a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage and mask, using organic products with pure essential oils which will leave the skin feeling invigorated.


Our facial rejuvenation treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve and refresh the complexion and assist with general firming of the skin. Our system is a natural and safe alternative to the toxic effects of botox injec-ons which carry the risk of harmful side effects.

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